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Ca’ Rezzonico (Venice)

The 18th century identifies Venice at its best. This is the century of political and economic decline, of feasts and of carnival, of gambling, of Casanova’s adventures.

The palace was once the luxury residence of the wealthy Rezzonico family. Inside we find furniture and artworks of the 18th century. Mirrors and multi-coloured chandeliers together with frescos of Gianbattista Tiepolo, pastels of Rosalba Carriera, a harpsichord and an original alcove complete with all accessories.

A rich collection of paintings illustrates the fashion and the habits of the time. Rich aristocrats, commoners and servants animate the canvases of Pietro Longhi and Francesco Guardi. We learn about the hairstyles, the gestures, the winking smiles of the Venetians. We discover their daily routine, the chocolate time, the concert for the guests, the tailor’s visit.

A last bitter vision of the century’s closure is given by the Punchinello (‘Pulcinella’ in Italian) frescos by Giandomenico Tiepolo.

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Campo San Barnaba
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