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In Venice many art pieces can still be admired in their original context, and that’s what makes the city so special. Churches, ‘Scuole’ (lay brotherhoods that operated with devotional purposes under the Republic of Venice), private residences keep inside their original artworks, created exactly for that very place and position. This itinerary focuses on two important monuments: the ‘Frari’ church and the ‘Scuola’ of San Rocco. They are one next to the other but their history differs dramatically.

The Frari church is an imposing brick Gothic building. It is the church of the Franciscan friars. The huge interior contains two among the most interesting altarpieces of Titian, the magnificent ‘Assumption of the Virgin’, which emotionally moved Ruskin and Wagner among others, and the ‘Pala Pesaro’. In the Sacristy stands powerful and discreet, one of Giovanni Bellini’s most exemplary works. In a few square inches are condensed the outlines of Venetians Renaissance.

The ‘Scuola’ of San Rocco, a powerful lay brotherhood, was commissioned instead to emphasise the social and welfare role of the community. The pictorial cycle strikes the visitor for its formal unity and for the complex religious theme, strictly connected to Counter-Reformation. Realized in over 30 years by one single painter, Jacopo Tintoretto, the cycle is considered today the Sistine Chapel of Venice.

Tour designed for everybody
 2-3 h
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Campo dei Frari
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Please note
both the church and the Scuola can be closed without notice for religious purposes

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