Visit of the monuments

The word ‘hospital’ usually indicates a place of suffering and desease. Not in Venice, where the ‘Ospedali’ were also centres of production for music of high reputation. The orphan girls, called ‘le putte’ (little girl or little angel), were educated in singing and playing instruments and performed with great success the music of Vivaldi and Galuppi, among others. Two of these institutions are still well-preserved.

The church of ‘La Pietà’ rebuilt in the 18th century as a concert hall, with galleries for choir and musicians, has a fabulous ceiling frescoed by GB Tiepolo. A little museum illustrates the life of this orfanage and hospital.

At a short walking distance the ‘Ospedaletto’ unveils an exquisite little music hall, depicted in the 18th century, reserved for private concerts and for a selected audience.

Tour designed for everybody
 2-3 h
Meeting point
at the lion’s column in St. Mark’s Square
Costs on request
Extra costs entrances to the monuments

Please note
the church ‘la Pietà’ is closed on Mondays; the ‘Ospedaletto’ must be booked in advance

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