The Monuments

The Doge’s Palace and the Basilica of St. Mark are the monuments that best represent the values, the history, the institutions of the past Venetian State.

The splendid Basilica, entirely adorned with golden mosaics and colourful marbles, reflectss the Greek-Bizantyne origins of Venice. Built in the early 9th century to shelter the relics of St. Mark the Evangelist, it has venerated State and religious faith over time. It is still the main church of the Venetians.

The Doge’s Palace is the best symbol of Venetian ‘grandeur’. The gold, the precious decoration, the quality of the paintings, the many messages displayed through the many rooms, all tell us about the former political system, about the ‘myth’ of the Republic of Venice. The path of the visit leads us from the Institutional area to the places of Justice and, over the famous ‘Bridge of Sighs’, to the cells of the Prison of the Republic.

Tour designed for everybody
Duration 2-3 h
Meeting point at the lion’s column in St. Mark’s Square
Costs on request
Extra costs entrances to the monuments
Note inside the Basilica pictures are not allowed and silence must be respected; in the summer ladies’ shoulders and knees must be covered; backpacks must be left at the near Checkroom

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