“There is still one of which you never speak”. Marco Polo bowed his head. Venice”, the Khan said. Marco smiled. “What else do you believe I have been talking to you about?” The emperor did not turn a hair. “And yet I have never heard you mention that name”. And Polo said: “Every time I describe a city I am saying something about Venice”.

Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities


From March 18 to June 18 2023, the paintings and drawings of Vittore Carpaccio will be on display at the Doge’s Palace.

The exhibition, organised in collaboration with the National Gallery of Washington, D.C., brings together not only a large number of Carpaccio’s paintings, but also those preliminary drawings that complete a delineation of the artist and reveal his technical rigour.

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Touring Venice - Guided Tours

We are Giovanna and Nadia, two licensed Tourist Guides of Venice. We offer tailor-made cultural tours to individuals, families and small groups. We work in Italian, English and French.
We do also organise Food & Wine tours in collaboration with Cecilia, a professional sommelier.
Our mission is to make the visitor feel at home, to guide him – or her – into the rooms of this palace-like called Venice. Venice is our birth place, it’s our home.

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Venice Virtual Tours

Keep dreaming! Continue to travel without leaving your home! Try a Live Virtual Tour!

With your family or with friends a Live Virtual Tour is a personal experience for you with a guide that allows you to discover Venice and its surprising aspects or to prepare for a future trip as soon as it is safe to move from one country to another.

How it works:

  • Using the Zoom platform
  • On the day and time chosen and agreed with the guide
  • A connection is established that will take you on a visit of the city or a museum and like a live tour, it is possible to ask questions and interact with the guide.

What You Need: a good internet connection, a large screen, a comfortable sofa, a glass of wine or a coffee and a large dose of curiosity!

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We believe in tourism and in culture as a method of learning and of having fun also for the very young. To travel with the family is possible and is an opportunity to see places from a different point of view, learning and enjoying it! For this we have planned itineraries specially-made for families and have tested the tours with our own children and children of friends. Every tour is planned with game activities and, at the end, a small prize!
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We believe in a tourism that is of quality and sustainable. Our guides are qualified, Venetian by birth and have studied itineraries alternative to the more classic tours. Our tours promote the local artisans, our history and our traditions. We are members of BestVeniceGuides and of SustainableVenice, the two leading associations of certified local guides in favor of a sustainable tourism in the city. We want you to love Venice as we do.