The Doge’s Palace hides a secret area, once used by the Venetian magistrates, where no visitor was admitted until recently. A shadow of mistery hid this section of the Palace where power and justice were administered.

The visit starts in the courtyard of the Doge’s Palace. A tiny door brings us inside the old prison, ‘the Wells’, awful places of detention often flooded by the nearby canal. A narrow staircase leads us to the offices of the Great Chancellery, where highly qualified Venetian bereaucrats registered and archived the secret documents of the Republic. Next to it is the ‘Chamber of Torment’ where interrogations were held and another few cells, ‘the Leads’, so called from the metal covering of the Doge’s Palace roof. Giacomo Casanova, the Venetian adventurer, wrote a whole chapter of his memories about his flight from the Leads of Venice.

The visit ends in the Square Atrium where one can appreciate the lavish rooms of the institutions.

Tour designed for everybody
 2-3 h
Meeting point
at the lion’s column in St. Mark’s Square
Costs on request
Extra costs entrance to the museum (Secret Itineraries)

Please note 
the Secret Itineraries have to be booked far in advance. The visit takes place only Mornings

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