The Island of Murano and the Secrets of Glass Blowing

Solid or liquid? Transparent or Colorful? Shiny or Opaque?
Glass can take on infinite forms thanks to its natural flexibility.

For sure it wasn’t the Venetians who invented it. Just think! It was being made by the ancient Egyptians. The Venetians, however, take the merit for rendering glass so light and transparent to become famous in all the world. Thanks to their ability and creativity, they became the real masters in the production of chandeliers, vases, mirrors and much more. Their recipes and work techniques were kept secret with the risk of a death sentence if revealed outside the island. These and many other stories are waiting for you on the island of Murano.

The tour includes arriving at the island aboard a private boat, a walk through the streets and squares , a brief visit at the church of SS. Maria and Donato and going to a glass furnace to watch glass blowing. The return to Venice is aboard the same private boat.

Family tour for children aged from 5 to 12 years old
Duration 3 hours
Meeting point Rialto
Costs on request
Note transportation to and from Murano is included in the tour

To book the tour please write an email to