Visit of the islands and of the churches

There are two islands facing the Basin of St. Mark that are worth visiting, San Giorgio Maggiore and the Giudecca. They have only one thing in common: the churches of Andrea Palladio.

The island of St. George is a monastery-island. Founded in the tenth century by Benedictin monks was almost entirely rebuilt in the 16th and 17th cent. with the guidance of Palladio, then Longhena. Inside the church, masterpieces of Jacopo Tintoretto and Vittore Carpaccio enrich the visit. From the top of its belltower there is one of the best views on Venice.

The Giudecca island was renouned for its fabulous gardens and villas of the rich Venetian merchants. Considered a periferal area it became later the perfect site for early industrial settlments.
Its most important building is Palladio’s church of the Redentore, a true masterpiece for Renaissance architecture. Today this island is an interesting and meaningful juxtaposition of different styles and periods of time.

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 2-3 h
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